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SB Nation's NFL and College team blogs provide the most comprehensive NFL Draft coverage

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While there's no question the NFL Draft is among the most important events on the sports calendar, it's easy to get lost in the media circus and all the competing draft and mock draft outlets, much less the NFL itself. But SB Nation's thirty-two NFL team blogs and ninety-one College team blogs stood out among the competition with deeper, smarter, faster, funnier, and all-around better coverage than anything literally anywhere else.

SB Nation team blog draft coverage by the numbers

For the duration of the draft and the immediate aftermath (Thursday, April 28th through Monday, May 2nd), here is what we accomplished:

A uniquely SB Nation draft

Our NFL blogs, through intricate planning informed by more than a decade of experience and detailed execution led by league manager Joel Thorman, produced:

  • Pre-draft previews for every team;
  • Complete coverage of every single mid-draft trade from all team blogs;
  • Comprehensive live blogs and live community threads during the draft;
  • Instant analysis and discussion of every single draft pick. All 253 draft picks got an article within minutes of the pick being announced.
  • Complete undrafted free agent coverage for every team;
  • Our College team blogs, led by league managers Luke Zimmerman, Matt Brown, and Wescott Eberts, produced scouting reports for 228 draft picks -- over 90% of the draft picks have a scouting report right here on SB Nation.
  • On-the-spot podcasts from college blogs reacting to players getting drafted;
  • NFL draft grades, draft summaries, post-draft analysis and fan reaction on every single site.

The NFL Draft shows off what we do best

Our Dallas Cowboys blog Blogging The Boys went through rival sites around our network to pull the best comments reacting to the Cowboys' picks. It's hilarious and couldn't have happened anywhere else:

When taken together, SB Nation's team blogs have built the very best NFL Draft resource for football's sharpest, most engaged fans through pre-draft preparation, live draft coverage and reactions, and post-draft analysis greater than anywhere else. Here's what that really means:

We've created both a rich, singular resource of coverage for the most dedicated readers and a complementary treasure trove of reaction, analysis, and reference material for the most devoted NFL draftniks.

So here's a big thank you to our many writers for creating incredible coverage, our league managers for leading the way, and to our awesome sponsors for making it all possible.

Most of all thank you to YOU, our readers and viewers, for choosing us for your NFL Draft coverage. Let's do it again soon!