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SB Nation communities getting a new look

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Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images; Edit: Alex Medina

6/21/2017 update on log in issues: Now that we have a renewed wave of reports and lots of help from you in digging earlier this week, we are actively swarming on debugging. This is a top-down priority on the product team and though it has been (and might continue to be) tricky to identify and fix, we're continuing to push on it. We have deployed another possible fix this morning. Cory Williams and the support team are following up with many of the folks who have reported it, but wanted you to know too. If you had/have been experiencing the issue recently, please try it out and let us know if it is improved or not.

Thank you for your patience! Please continue to send bug reports to

Update on log in issues: We’re still investigating the logout issue. It is unrelated to the release last week and rather related to some SSO (single sign on) changes we made a couple of months ago. We added some detailed debugging last week and have been digging in on the results this week. We’re still having some trouble diagnosing the exact source of the breakdown, but we are still actively working to find a fix for it and it remains a top priority.

Update on My SB Nation button: This new homepage was one of the final steps in unifying the platform for all of our communities. We are now set up where we can add and improve our platform much more quickly, something we haven’t been able to do in several years. Chief among the items we hope to improve in the coming months are personalization and community tools. This includes adding and building upon functionality similar to My SB Nation and more consistent improvement to the commenting tools.

Update on commenting issues: We hear you all on commenting issues that have been popping up off and on over the past several months, including an uptick in mobile logout issues since the release yesterday. These issues are particularly tricky to isolate given the wide array of environments, but we are investigating and working to improve on these issues as best we can. We truly appreciate your patience as we work through these issues. If you are experiencing these issues on a continuing basis, please email our support team ( so we can catalog all issues and better get to the heart of the problem.

Hello sports fans!

Tomorrow morning, when you check out your favorite SB Nation community, it’s going to have a brand new look and we’re here today to give you a preview of it.

Back on May 1st when unveiled its new look, Editor-In-Chief Elena Bergeron had this to say:

When we initially started planning this refresh, we were hype about getting gussied up for the first time since initially launched. But the decision to refresh the brand made us think deeply, as a team, about what we do here. Our mission is in our DNA: SB Nation gives sports fans the place to be delighted, informed, and surprised. Together. Each piece of content that we create — from 3-1 blown lead memes to explaining how a little guy beats the big guys to nuanced commentary on the pressing issues of our day — is an invitation for sports fans to join us in our corner of the internet and marvel at what we’re seeing.

Our mission for our SB Nation communities is the same: Give sports fans a place to be delighted, informed, and surprised. Together.

The identity of your favorite SB Nation community won’t be changing as a result of this refresh. Colors and voices (and comments!) and FanPosts are all staying the same. The overall structure of the page is largely the same as well. You’ll see promoted content at the top of the homepage, a stream of content below that, and FanPosts and FanShots in the same spots in the right rail.

First, a preview of what the communities will look like on your phone:

And here’s what it will look like on desktop:

These changes are aimed at improving performance and cleaning up the browsing experience. Any change can feel large (particularly since SB Nation homepages haven’t changed in almost 5 years!), but we hope you’ll stick around, try them out, and let us know what you think. These changes aren’t meant as an ending, but rather a beginning and we’ll be fixing bugs and taking in feedback over the next few days and then working to continue evolving the homepage and the sites overall on a more continuous basis going forward. These changes set us up to better tackle improvements to the platform in the near future with things like better content personalization, community improvements, and more all on the horizon.

To coincide with this refresh, we’re asking people to write FanPosts about why they are a fan of their favorite team. You can win a $500 gift card! Check out all of the details here.