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Arrowhead Pride’s podcast officially launches today on the Vox Media Podcast Network

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SB Nation is launching a podcast for Kansas City Chiefs fans that represents the Arrowhead Pride community.

Barber and Fujita celebrate a play Photo by Dave Kaup/Getty Images

Hi, I’m John Gennaro, EP of SB Nation Team Brands Podcasts, and I’m excited to announce that Arrowhead Pride is officially launching on the Vox Media Podcast Network today.

We’re happy to be launching a podcast that represents the Arrowhead Pride community. Pete Sweeney and former Chiefs LB Shawn Barber will host our post-game show and will be supported by The Arrowhead Pride Laboratory, hosted by Kent Swanson with Matthew Lane and Craig Stout as regular guests.

Pete Sweeney is the producer of all of Arrowhead Pride and enjoys podcasting to give Chiefs fans as many ways as possible to keep track of the team.

Kent Swanson is a film nerd who loves breaking down the Chiefs and talking about it with my friends on The Arrowhead Pride Laboratory show.

Matthew Lane is an NFL Draft and Kansas City Chiefs film junkie who loves to talk about tape with his fellow Arrowhead Pride “Nerd Squad” members, bringing the highest quality film analysis to Chiefs fans everywhere.

Craig Stout is a defensive enthusiast who writes about the Chiefs. He works with his other film nerd friends to give the most in-depth breakdown of the Kansas City Chiefs each week.

Shawn William Barber is a former linebacker in the National Football League. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the fourth round of the 1998 NFL Draft. He played college football at Richmond. He also played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans. He spent the most recent training camp working as a part of Andy Reid’s coaching staff with the Chiefs.

If you’re already subscribed to The Arrowhead Pride Chiefs Podcast, you don’t need to do anything to start receiving new episodes from the new Arrowhead Pride podcast.

Arrowhead Pride joins a growing roster of team brands podcasts. One month ago, SB Nation launched four new podcasts around pro teams in Philadelphia.

Arrowhead Pride is one of 7 NFL podcasts launching today. The current roster of NFL podcasts in the Vox Media Podcast Network now includes:

If you aren’t yet subscribed, now would be a good time to do so: Click the link on your platform of choice to subscribe:

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