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Niners Nation’s podcast officially launches today on the Vox Media Podcast Network

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SB Nation is launching a podcast for San Francisco 49ers fans that represents the Niners Nation community.

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Hi, I’m John Gennaro, EP of SB Nation Team Brands Podcasts, and I’m excited to announce that Niners Nation is officially launching on the Vox Media Podcast Network today.

We’re launching a podcast that represents the Niners Nation community. Oscar Aparicio will host our show, Better Rivals, and will be joined by other shows and hosts in the coming months.

Oscar, who most of you should be familiar with, is a lifelong 49ers fan who wants to make the 49ers fanbase a “better rival” in any football conversation.

If you were already subscribed to Better Rivals, you don’t need to do anything to start receiving new episodes from the Niners Nation podcast. You’ve probably noticed this change take place a few weeks ago.

Niners Nation joins a growing roster of team brands podcasts. One month ago, SB Nation launched four new podcasts around pro teams in Philadelphia.

Niners Nation is one of 7 NFL podcasts officially launching today. The current roster of NFL podcasts in the Vox Media Podcast Network now includes:

If you aren’t yet subscribed, now would be a good time to do so: Click the link on your platform of choice to subscribe:

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